For the person who likes to do more of creating less waste and wanting to transition towards an eco-friendlier lifestyle, DAYLILY matches you with a less stress Subscription that helps you incorporate healthy teas or nutritious bites into your self-care routine and dietary preference. ☺︎

Save 5% on DAYLILY best-sellers with convenient delivery to your door and upgrade your healthy routine!

Subscription Overview

l Get 5% off one time purchases every time you shop.

l It always ships free.

l Pause, skip or cancel anytime – easy to manage Subscription renewal by SNS, logging in or sending Email to request.

l A good opportunity to support other sustainable businesses.

Why DAYLILY Subscription☛

It is a good way to make better choices for our planet, so do take charge of your health and wellbeing.

Made for just tea lovers or people who are ready to make Kampo a daily ritual.

You are receiving a monthly or bimonthly basis delivery of each purchase.

Subscription is flexible. If you need to take a break, renew easily by logging into your account to manage Subscription terms. Or contact us at and we will take care of you.

Delivered in minimalist packaging, less waste than a usual canned or refill packed product.

Our mood swings. You may want to try other flavors, no worries! You are always welcome to switch your tea or snacks up anytime.

Renews automatically on the frequency of your first joining or renewal.

Delivery varies depending on location. Please view shipping policy in advance.

You can do a one-time purchase to see if this is the one for you, then meet your favorite kampo treat!

How to start Subscription☛

Step one. Choose your single or multiple products.

Step two. Decide how often you would like your delivery, whether it be monthly or bimonthly.

Step three. Sign up your DAYLILY account, complete the checkout.